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Data Center

Cabling Design | Cable Path way | Rack System

Data centres are the foundations of enterprises, vital to the daily operation of the entire organization. Virtualization, smart buildings, unified computing systems and cloud computing have combined to make the data centre the neural hub of the company. Networks are requiring greater security, capacity, and more in-depth processing to support these expanding roles. CablesOne offers its best quality wire basket tray and fiber runner with UL CUL CE Certificate for data centre solutions, to facilitate these expanding roles with attention to network performance, growth and power.

Economic pressures, high labour costs and compressed schedules continue to mount, and Cabling contractors are no exception to these challenges. In response to these pressures, improved means and methods are needed to complete projects on time and on budget. CablesOne infrastructure products and systems that have productivity ‘designed in’ can help address issues such as: schedule acceleration, new project delivery methods, a shortage of skilled craftspeople and a decline in productivity. CablesOne provide one of the worlds most specialised cable trays, optimizing cable management in open pathways.

High Speed Cabling System

CablesOne strives to provide the latest high-speed data cable solutions to Data Center. The Video Images and Data Center ethernet markets are on the rise as technology continues to advance and is expected to quadruple worldwide over the next decade. With such high demands, CablesOne is fully dedicated to stocking products and working with our suppliers to develop and distribute cables that deliver high data transfer rates at cost efficient prices. Although bandwidth speed is a top priority throughout these products lines, we also offer light weight wiring to cut down on the overall weight of the Cable Pathway Wiring Tray.

Data Center Cabling Design

CablesOne does not provide active equipment for data centres but does however design and build the cable patch for data centres. Our Cabling Design and Installation process follows a rigorous set of standards that specify wiring for data centres.

If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it and it is well documented that many data centres today are victims of historical point-to-point cabling practices. Direct or point-to-point connections i.e. from switches to servers, servers to storage, servers to other servers, etc. are problematic and costly for a variety of reasons. In the best of data centre ecosystems, a standards-based structured cabling system will provide functionality and scalability with the maximum available options for current and future equipment.

CablesOne design cabling for data centres to centralise the cable patch panel in one centre rack. This rack is known as a Cable Inter-Patch or CIP. Each cabling rack can be directly installed to the centralised rack hence the cable system has the advantage of scalability in the future.

Copper Solutions for Data Center

Copper solutions provide cost-effective connectivity options in Data Center environments. Though Copper cabling is generally more expensive than fiber on a foot by foot basis, the connectivity devices for Copper solutions reduce the overall cost of deployment within the Data Center. Copper allows for PoE deployment as well, providing power directly to phones, surveillance devices or other network devices that function as part of the Data Center infrastructure or security apparatus. Copper solutions also provide a level of flexibility for plug and play expansions.

CablesOne uses an integrated approach when designing and implementing Data Center projects. Most deployments will integrate both fiber and copper elements to provide you with the most cost-effective, easily expandable Data Center solutions.

Fibre Optic Solutions for Data Center

Fiber Optic solutions in the Data Center have many advantages. In large Data Centers, Fiber Optics have the advantage of having higher bandwidth, almost doubling the capacity of Category 6A/7A copper cabling, as well as being able to transmit data without a loss in signal strength over longer distances. Fiber cable is also more lightweight than copper wiring, and can help improve efficiencies in Data Center infrastructure build outs. Additionally, Fiber cable is dielectric, meaning there are no associated fire risks.

Many Data Center projects require an integrated approach between Fiber and Copper solutions. CablesOne approaches each project with an eye towards the maximization of cost-efficiency, utility and ability to easily expand and integrate new technologies as your Data Center grows.

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