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CablesOne is an industry-agnostic cabling organisation, that provides end-to-end networking solutions to support the technology and telecommunications needs of your business. We provide best-in-class solutions in consultation, design, supply, and installation of systems to support IP telephony, camera and surveillance systems, audio-visual systems, and networking.

Building A World of Network Connections


A Strong Company Culture Touches Everything We Do

Company leaders attribute the growth and success of our organisation over time to our strong company culture that feeds our daily actions. From our board of directors and managers to our customers and our employees, we all touch the company culture and feel it deeply.


The basis of our culture is our passion for the safety of our workplace family. We reinforce the principles of safety in our everyday work. Employees attend monthly safety meetings, and we employ an accredited safety manager and safety operating group. Every employee is issued personal protective equipment (PPE) to maintain safety while working onsite.


We believe strongly in maintaining a healthy workplace culture that includes hard work, but also fun. Our team enjoys spending time together for social events, as well as company-sponsored events such as fitness training, indoor football, and overseas product training.


We also value strong communication among our team members. Strong communication is also impactful to safety. By employing communication methods, such as walkie-talkies, email, WhatsApp, and online project management tools, we keep our staff included and invested in their work.


CablesOne encourages all team members to further their knowledge by working toward certifications, attending training, and sharing their technical skills with others. Investing in the knowledge of our team members also improves the results of our work and increases our ability to innovate together.



Committed to Innovation

The world of technology continues to grow and change around us. It is a real-life metamorphosis taking place before our eyes. That is why we are firmly committed to focusing on innovation and adherence to sound business practices and compliance with all applicable regulations.


Not only are we committed to innovating the solutions we provide, but also to the delivery of services. We want to maximise our team efforts by providing efficient installation methods, competitive pricing, and world-class service.


Our goal is to be the best in the industry. We do this by focusing on the end results that will help your business achieve the positive outcomes you desire. We work toward this goal by following a firm process that includes establishing a vision, planning the direction, and communicating effectively as we implement the solutions. This process has served us well overtime and has proven to be a foundation for our success.


We are also committed to innovation in our business processes and administration. With the mindset of simplification, we have worked to gain efficiency in our daily processes and expedite service within our workflows. To achieve these goals, we utilise cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and mobile technology. This system provides access to our employees via the cloud network anytime, from anywhere. This modern process serves us well in streamlining employee communication and maintaining communication from the job site.



Active Industry Partners

We are active members of the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) and the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). These professional organizations allow us to stay on top of the latest in best practices, and require us to maintain our certifications. We are active industry partners and take advantage of collaborative opportunities when we can.


As active industry partners, we are also concerned with conservation and our sustainable future. As we work to reduce the amount of human work required in our business, we are also able to conserve energy, promote efficiency and perform our functions in the most environmentally friendly ways possible.


We utilize a network of partners and key industry suppliers that enable us to provide timely, high-quality services. Our connections span small businesses as well as major enterprises to ensure we are delivering the most unique, robust solutions available today.

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