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CablesOne’s culture consists of the company philosophy, mission statement and core values. CablesOne has grown and prospered as a direct result of the strong family culture that permeates every decision made by the company’s board and management leaders that impacts our customers and our family of employees.

That culture includes a passion for the safety of every employee, and that passion is manifested in daily safety discussions among all field operations teams, weekly safety meetings for all employees and monthly safety events with special topic emphasis. CablesOne’s Safety Director is highly accredited and credentialed with a national reputation for constantly striving for zero incidents in a high-risk industry. He is supported by a host of Safety Champions within each CablesOne operating group. Safety is Priority 1 at CablesOne.

The CablesOne family also plays together whenever possible with all members of the family invited to participate. Company-sponsored sport events include Gym, Football, Golf and Basketball .

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