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Building the Connections that Feed Your Business

Everything Starts with One

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Established since 2008

We specialise in Cables and Cabling Infrastructure. Our business providing the Cable Infrastructure for Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications Network.

Strong Marketing Planning is one of our core strategies so as to be of benefit to all of our customers regardless of market segmentation.


Engineering and Installing Cable Infrastructures


Local Area Network (LAN)

We deliver reliable communication networks to support production and industrial environments. Our structured cabling systems support the latest LAN technologies, and our products meet only the strictest environmental standards. We can provide installation through almost any area to meet the requirements of your IT and automation needs.

Outside Plant (OSP)

We engineer OSP solutions to deliver telecom solutions to facilities, offices, campuses, and more. Our solutions include fiber optic and copper cabling networks. Our OSP team can assist with outside plan civil work, including excavation, underground ducting, manholes, and road hacking.


There is a science to excavation that, if executed correctly, makes it appear as though no digging ever took place. That is our aim each time we dig; to return things back to their natural state. We utilize an open cut (trenching) method to provide our customers with the best experiences and the greatest value.


Network connections are all around us. From telecom data centers to small offices, we rely on network connections to deliver data and communications. CablesOne has a variety of unique solutions available to meet the various needs of the telecommunications, industrial and high-throughput industries.



High level of craftsmanship in the deployment of FTTX cables to any structure with organised placement of cables and access box to ensure easy access for future enhancement or maintenance.

The Next Generation of Cabling

Since 2008, CablesOne has been working to provide innovative cabling solutions for business. Our end-to-end solutions deliver network practicality, the highest-quality installations, and cost-effective outcomes that help you reach your goals. We are dedicated to providing elevated customer service and reliable network connections, as we know cabling networks are the backbone of every industry.


We stay on top of the latest regulations and ensure we are providing the most current products and services available. Our Research and Development team works to solve your unique concerns by developing custom solutions to meet your needs. We are a BICSI-compliant Oustide Plant Designer and a BICSI RTPM and BICSI-compliant installer. Quality and best practices are at the center of every solution we provide.


CablesOne is a growing, innovative organisation. If you want reliable, sustainable cabling solutions, then we are the team for you. We stand behind our work, our employees and our expertise in the network cabling industry.


CablesOne has Complete Equipment for the Data Communication and Telecommunications Outside Plant.


Our Partners

To ensure not only the craftsmanship is up to international standards but with high quality products from our partners in Kabellab, ensure the quality of the service and products are high quality made to last.

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